Saturday, April 18, 2009

Advice, Tafsir and I'jazul Ilmi

"Allah Taala rupanya... Allah Taala buat atas dunia ni ada pasangan belaka. Apa ni... tanaman ada pasangan. Dan dunia lo ni (sekarang ini) orang kahwin(kan) padi jantan (dan) padi betina. Kita hari tu kahwin(kan) Mamat dan Timoh jah. Kita dok sekko (ingatkan) jantan betina ni orang saja. Dok eh (Tidaklah). Allah Taala buat sejak berjuta tahun hari itu semua benda ni 'zawj' - berpasangan.

(Memetik terjemahan ayat 7 Surah Qaf) “...Kami tumbuh di Bumi ini bermacam-macam pasangan, ‘bahīj’ - yang comel”. Rumput ada jantan betina. Apa lagi? Rambutan ada jantan betina, Durian ada jantan betina. Apa... hatta elektrik(sekalipun), (yang) orang panggil elektrik ada positif ada negatif. Positif tu jantanlah, negatif tu betina.

"Jadi, sebanyak mana penemuan baru... penemuan baru ni bahawa dunia ni ada pasangan orang baru bertemu seratus tahun (akhir-akhir) ni baru. Allah Taala beritahu benda ni tengah dua ribu tahun hari tu lagi.

"Sebab itulah, ambo nak ulang yang (di)sebut tadi, nak memperkenalkan Tuhan ni jangan dok lok (biarkan) kepada tuk guru kampung sahaja. Tuk guru kampung mempunyai ilmu padan-padan dengan dia, maka dia mengajar agama padan-padan dengan dia.

"Demo hok dapat ilmu lebih daripada tuk guru kampung ni kerana apa tak royak (beritahu) ugama? Sikit-sikit caro ko duit la. Doktor cari duit, sains cari duit, apa lagi... pertanian cari duit, kesihatan cari duit. Eh, cari pahala tak ada dah ke? Tak ada dah ke cari pahala? Demo masuk kubur bawa duit ke atau pahala getek (juga)? Tok guru jah kira nak bawa pahala, demo tokse (tak mahu) bawa pahala ke?

"Demo nak buat guano (macam mana) masuk kubur bawa duit? Tebeng (Kalaulah) bawa duit masuk kubur, digali kubur (oleh) orang dicungkil, dicuri duit. Tapi, (jika) bawa pahala, siapa nak curi pahala?

"Jadi, tiap-tiap orang kena persiap duit campur pahala. Baik pun jenis tuk guru, baik pun jenis doktor, baik jenis lecturer, baik jenis apa sekalipun kena cari dua perkara sekaligus. Pertama hok (yang) dapat tengok yang dipanggil duit, yang kedua hok (yang) tok napok (tak nampak) tengok hok (yang) kita panggil dosa pahala."

-Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat
20 Feb 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Kelantanophobia: Racial profiling or discrimination against people living or originating from the state of Kelantan Darul Naim, Malaysia.

Rage in Kelantan is so wrong, like it was never happen in other states.

You see why soccer fans in Kelantan put flames on police vehicles? Let me tell you pathetic anti-Kelantanese morons. First, those snobbish non-Kelantanese policemen refuse to learn our customs as you guys see it as ‘kolot (setbacks).’ Second, when something undesired happened, you just ignore our feelings and at the same time insisting us to kiss your dirty asses. Like, when these policemen mistook a wrong person for throwing bottles in the field and they beat the hell outta that innocent guy in front of angry spectators who was dissatisfied with the match result (Kelantan lost 0-1 to Negri). Well, wrong place dude. This is Kelantan. You hurt one, you hurt them all. We backed our guy like he was our own son. We Kelantanese are brothers, don’t ever forget that. Third, they're mindless idiots. I don't really agree for what they've done.

Oh wait, there’s more. The Kelantanophobic mainstream media which famous for their disregard for journalism ethics, reported the otherwise. The weren’t willing to tell the truth because it was Kelantan-related. And, they create a really ridiculous story about it so everybody out there can see that it was really all Kelantanese fault.

We are even face this kinda discrimination in own state. Out of state? I suppose there are uncountable cases of Kelantanophobia.

There’s one policeman, off-duty, just came back from playing badminton happen to be involved in an accident with some local poor bicycler in front of my school in Kota Bharu. Based from his slang, he must be somewhere outta East Coast. Wearing shortpants, he yelled the hell outta that bicycler, “You Kelantanese don’t even know how to ride a bicycle?” Guess what, Kelantan was to blame.

These policemen better work at their own places. Their places aren’t really safe. Homicides, robberies and other felonies rates are off the roof! If you don’t feel like to get along with Kelantanese, then fuck off.

To make Kelantanophobia worse, a film titled 'Budak Kelantan' was produced portraying a Kelantanese guy doing vices in KL. I even wonder why these director, rookie actors & actresses from Kelantan were willing to make and act in this film. I also wonder why the director of this film wanna put 'Kelantan' in its title. Were their mind out of ideas? In KL, only two species get blamed for wrongdoings: Indonesians and KELANTANESE!

Everything happens for reasons. Why outsiders have this 'sickness'?

Reason One: Because they considered Kelantanese is 'assobiyyah' (term religious idiots usually tend to use).
Explanation: Have you anti-Kelantanese idiots read one of Prophet’s Hadith: "Assobiyyah is helping your own race to cause oppression."
And of course, ages ago, Kelantan is one Malay state isolated from another. All Malay state in Malaysia are connected to each other. Kelantan? In order to reach this state, you gotta cross a heavy jungle and not less than two mountain ranges. Well idiots, when I say isolated, that doesn’t mean that we were living on trees. That’s why we stick to each other; better off be with our own type. But, it doesn’t mean that we hate others. We call it ukhwah - something you non-Kelantanese don’t have.

And perhaps, it has to do with some history. Before, the was two governments in Kelantan. One in Pengkalan Datu and one in Kota Kubang Labu. Of course, they were often fight each other. But, we have something you useless freaks anti-Kelantanese don’t have: Ulama (religious scholars). We appreciate ulama so much that they really play their role in our society. But, you guys disgrace your own ulama. These ulama didn’t like the duel between two governments so they prayed to God so that Kelantanese will unite as one. And, voila! God answered it. That’s why we get along with our own colors until now. I suggest you guys read a book published by Kelantan Islamic Foundation (YIK): Tatarakyat I & Tatarakyat II. Only if you can read in jawi!

Reason Two: Because people of Kelantan have chosen PAS as government. Outsiders considered them as idiots because denying development by voting yes to PAS. But guess what, you anti-Kelantanese are so damn wrong. We have proven that we don’t need UMNO to be developed. You morons still afraid to vote other than UMNO. UMNO has stripped all Malay prerogatives without you even realize it.

Reason Three: No development in Kelantan. Most outsiders think we are underdeveloped. Thus, we are assumed physically and mentally retarded. Oh wait, Tan Sri Annuar Musa last two years in State Assembly had admitted that development in Kelantan is damn slow because of some evil backstabbing bureaucrats in Federal Government try to stop it, as claimed by Tok Pa. Even this shitty government doesn’t wanna channel money to State Government. Instead, they channeled it through Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan (Department of Federal Development) - a dirty organization full of corruptions.

Reason Four: Kelantan's dirty and Kelantanese have no regard towards hygiene.
The former Deputy Dean of Admission & Records of IIUM Matriculation Center during Abbas Hassan's reign loved to use this point to verbally 'attack' Kelantanese. Surprisingly, his wife is from the state! Yeah, Kelantan was dirty. It was. I repeat, IT WAS! Like Tok Guru Ayah Zik donno how to educate his people about cleanliness.

Last Reason: Overprotective idiotic anti-Kelantanese parents always say this, “Don’t marry guys from Kelantan. They are god damned lazy.”
Explanation: We are not lazy. Let me quote something.
True, the Malay will often decline to work in the particular manner in which the Europeans desires him to do so, that is as a mining cooly or plantation hand in the service of the said European, but the Malay is by no means an idle person. In Kelantan, he grows the seventy thousand odd tons of rice which feed the population, he catches and dries fish enough for home consumption and for considerable export, he makes some forty thousand pikuls of kopra every year, he works boats on the river, and, in fact, he makes a very comfortable living, supplies all his wants, and is contented.
-Sir Henry Norman, from his book, 'The Peoples* and Politics of the Far East.' Chapter XXXIII: "On A Raft Through A Forbidden State."

There’s another, of course Kelantanese guys don’t help our wives (of Kelantanese origin) because they capable of taking care of household. They cook delicious foods. Why need to bother them? Why need to interfere with their work? If we’re about to help them in kitchen, they just said, “Honey, just sit back and relax. There’s no need to make your hand dirty.” Kelantanese women are so diligent; that’s why they excel in business unlike non-Kelantanese women who don’t even know how to cook until they’re divorced by their husband. Kelantan boasts for having low divorce rate in the country. And Kelantan women are also good in their studies as well. Salute to Siti Fatimah and Nur Madihah for two-years streak winning the best SPM student in Malaysia.

If it wasn’t for Kelantanese, none of us would represent Malays in business. Malays from other states are good for nothing.

*spelled as it is


'Telefon Room' or 'Telephone Room'?Caught this error in International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak. You can see this in every mahallahs (student hostels). Heh, even a university using English as primary medium of instruction cannot escape from English errors.

Even an Islamic Party spelled jawi wrongly. 'Pazti' instead of 'Parti.'

Malaysiana: Part Two.

Near Dayabumi.

Masjid Ash-Shakirin, KLCC.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Cairo: Not a ghetto nor a slum. Cairene call it 'Umm ad-Dunya.' Whatever...


These pictures were taken when I was back in Malaysia.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Al-Ka’bah al-Musharrafah

Al-Ka’bah al-Musharrafah

Baitullah. Safa tower is demolished during the picture-taking. The royal palace is clearly seen.

Rukn Yamāni. It's considered as sunnah to touch it every round during circumambulation of Ka'bah. It is believed to be remnants from the original stone used by Prophet Ibrāhīm (peace be upon him) to build the Ka'bah. Shiites claim that Saidina 'Alī karramallu wajhah, The Fourth Caliph, was born at this corner of Ka'bah.

The General Presidency for the Affiars of al-Masjid al-Ḥarām and al-Masjid an-Nabawi has provided live webcam of al-Ka'bah on their official website.


Al-Ḥaram (ٱلحرم) means ‘sanctuary.’ It should not be confused with al-Ḥarām (ٱلحرام) which means ‘prohibited.’ Al-Ḥaram is a place where you aren’t allowed to hunt game, cut trees and fight.

Near King Abdul Aziz Gate. Famous entrance among pilgrims from Malaysia.

From right: Makkah Hilton & Towers, Abraj Al Bait Towers and King Fahd Gate of al-Masjid al-Ḥarām.

Shot from InterContinental Dar Al Tawhid Makkah Hotel.

Mosque's atrium (under the triplet domes of King Fahd expansion annexe) & UFO-like lamps.

Women's praying foyer.

First floor (high dynamic range image).

From open-air part of the mosque to King Fahd Gate.

Inside the Mosque (high dynamic range image).

And... the young pilgrims. From Syria, I suppose.

(P/S: These pictures were taken on July 5th, 2008)

Ā’ishah Mosque

Ā’ishah Mosque. Or Masjid Miqat. Located about 7 km northwest of al-Ḥaram. It's a point of mīqāt for Meccans.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The 4th Annual Conference of Scientific Signs in al-Quran and as-Sunnah Knowledge

"Orang yang mengaji ilmu langit ni; ilmu falak kita panggil, ilmu astronomi dia inilah (yang) patut tafsir ayat ini (ayat 6, Surah Qāf). Tok lebai macam ambo ni boleh sebut sepatah dua kerana mengaji, kerana baca buku yang ditulis. Sebab itu, dalam sebutan Arab, sebutan kitab dakwah, dia kata;
"علماء الكون جنود من جنود الدعوة."
-Tuan Guru Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat.
9 February 2009.


The 4th Annual Conference of Scientific Signs in al-Quran and as-Sunnah Knowledge was hosted by Commission on Scientific Signs in the Quran and Sunnah of Islamic World League in collaboration with Al-Manṣūrah University. It was held in Convention Centre of Al-Manṣūrah University Children Hospital from 24th until 26th of March, 2009.

After the opening ceremony

Al-Manṣūrah University Children Hospital

It's my first time attending an international conference outside Malaysia even though I had never attending any conference in Malaysia.

Second day of conference

On the closing ceremony, an honorary lecture was delivered by Prof Dr Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Muslih. During Q&A session aftermath, Affan's question (I wrote it in Arabic) was answered by Prof Dr Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Muslih. How proud we were.

In addition, Sheikh Muhammad Hassan, one of famous TV personality (usually appeared in Alrahma TV) made his sudden appearance after the Q&A Session.

From right: Vice President of University, Sheikh Muhammad Hassan, Prof Dr Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Muslih, and a VVIP.

After the conference

Moreover, we were asked by a reporter from Makkah TV for an interview. Damn it, we're gonna be appeared on TV! Everybody from Rabat until Baghdad can see us! Somebody please TiVo it!

However, the most important thing is, we obtained many information about the miracle of al-Quran and Prophetic Virtues. Thus, it improves our understanding about Islam from scientific perspective.