Friday, October 23, 2009

Fake Professorship

There have been some issues here in Egypt, shaking a group of Malaysian community in this place. But, I don’t wanna comment about those issues.

But what really intrigues me is, the way people addressing a character in the issue. Let’s look at this thing from linguistic and moral aspect.

Let say his name is Jamal, PhD. And let just say that he’s some crappy liaison for some corrupted agency from Malaysia.

Right, when he came here few years ago, people address him ‘Doctor Jamal.’ Maybe, he’s not a physician but it is still correct to call him as such as he holds a PhD.

Time passed by and all of sudden people address him as Associate Professor Jamal officially in ceremonies and working papers. And it wasn’t long before people starting address him Professor. For your info, this Jamal guy hasn’t done any dissertations, academic papers or whatever for him to be entitled for aforementioned academic titles. Plus, he’s far away from those because he’s no longer affiliated with any university or other academic institution.

I wonder, what kinda crappy secretaries and master of ceremonies are there? Don’t they know anything about protocols?

What if he does something that can lead to abomination? A professor fucking up some ceremony, or maybe work part time as a contrabandist? If you’re in your right mind, do you think he as a (fake) professor or at least a doctorate holder would do as such?

See, Malaysians here in Egypt are so unnecessarily ‘kind.’ You’re an Islamic studies student, you can be called ustaz or ustazah. You’re med student, people call you ‘duktur’ or ‘dukturah.’ I deplore the latter. Nonetheless, these people should realize that sometimes they’re overstepping border. Making up people's title sometimes is really too much, I think. It's flattering and exaggerating. I saw such screw-ups happen too many times in Malaysian med students society especially in their paperworks.

You wrongly address people with some academic title he/she doesn’t have, you’ll end up telling lies to the society. Giving too much credentials is fatal.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Harvard University is in London? You gotta be kiddin' me.
See below (click for larger view).

Geez, even dung beetles know that Harvard is in Massachusetts, USA. Guess what would happen when those students arrive in London. Would they be able to find Harvard University in London?

Okay, now let’s see another same-day news excerpt of the same e-newspaper.

Some stupid newspaper is suggesting college students to use their library/archives as source of references. Yeah, refer and fail for sure.