Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jerash, Part VII: The Propylaeum, The Nyphaeum & The Oval Plaza

After wandering around the Temple of Artemis, we descent through the steps at the Temple Esplanade to Propylaeum below. They said, ancient inhabitants of Gerasa offered their sacrifice here.

This is Nymphaeum, a structure built for nymphs (lesser natural goddess in Greek mythology – equivalent to 'kami' in Shintoism). Usually, they have fountain at the centre.

Here’s a crowd of elderly, most of them wearing red. Are they Opus Dei follower? They spoke Italian though, and the tour guide explained to them in Italian.

Jerash is regarded as ‘Rome away from Rome.’ The ancient city has almost the characteristics of ancient Roman cities. Here’s the Roman Oval Piazza.

Left: Cardo Maximus
Right: The Oval Piazza. Notice the a column at the centre.

We walked from the Nymphaeum to the Oval Plaza via the Cardo Maximus. The Plaza measures about 90 x 80 m. It is surrounded by colonnade and it has column at its centre. The column is used to hold the flame for Jerash Festival which is held every July each year.

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