Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jerash, Part I

"They went across the lake to the region of the Gerasenes."
-Mark 5:1

On February the 6th, year 2010, at 1.30 pm, we leave from Aiman’s & Farhan’s house and took a bus from Irbid to Jerash. We arrived at Jerash half an hour later.

This is Mujamma' Amman, where we took a bus to go to Jerash.

Jerash is quite mountainous. Irbid isn't.

This picture was taken from inside the bus.

This is when we arrived at the outskirt of Jerash town.

Jerash Town.

This is the road to the entrance of Ancient Jerash. Ancient Jerash, or Gerasa is located at the western part of the town.

You'll arrive at some shops selling souvenirs before reaching at the ticket counter.

The Jordanian Government is trying to attract more tourists these few years, by raising the entry fee for every tourist spots. It seems to be a sucky idea, though. They had the entry fee for Petra up to JD 20 you know!

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