Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jerash, Part III: Hippodrome

This is the first structure you'll see after entering Gerasa. The Arch of the Hippodrome. The original structure was collapsed, but it was re-erected for tourism purposes. To prove my point, can you see the flagpoles on the arch?

An idle 'Roman' soldier. Actually, he is a performer for The Roman Army and Chariot Experience.

You'll see this after you walk pass the Hadrian's Arch.

There are two shows here everyday. But, at the time we got there, it was already too late for us to catch the final show. To get in, you gotta pay for entrance. But, two of us managed to seduce the women at the counter to let them in for free. They only got to see the few last minutes of the show and took pictures with the performers. They also tried the chariot. Lucky them.

Here's inside the Hippodrome during 'The Roman Army and Chariot Experience.'

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